Why Asian escorts are more pleasurable that westerners

It might not come to you as a surprise that Asian women are damn popular among Caucasians. We do agree with the fact that Asian women are not tall or too curvy but there is something about them that makes them very attractive and every-time you see them on street, you just want to take her out on a date. So, today we are going to discuss what makes Asian women really more pleasurable than western girls.

Their attitude is very pleasing

Asian women come from a background where girls are submissive and they always prefer a partner who is quite dominating. If you know about Asian culture then you will understand that women were always trained to please their partners because that was a part of their daily schedule. Whereas, girls from western countries are always self centered and they only think about themselves. Asian women are amazing not just in terms of look, but in terms of sensuality too. They are going to make you feel like a real man and believe us, you are going to love this feeling.

Sensual, soft and pretty smart

It might not amaze you to know that Asian people are quite smart, since they have to work hard to get a good position in life. But girls living in western countries don’t have any idea about working hard since their lifestyle is always a luxurious one. Similarly, Asian escort girls work really hard to have a good life, and this is why they always put in extra efforts to satisfy their clients. Apart from being really hard working, Asian escort girls are pretty smart too, and many of them are college going students who are doing this as a part time job. Money is definitely a driving factor but they also love to explore their sexuality more with clients. When they are in their respective countries, their parents are quite strict and they don’t allow them to go outside much and hence they make total use of their freedom when they are in America.

They provide the best erotic massage ever

If you are a fan of erotic massage, then you might know that erotic massage was invented in Asian continent and from there it spread to other countries. But it really doesn’t matter how trained or highly educated western escort girls can be regarding erotic massage, but Asians will always be the best. Asian girls start learning about erotic massage from a very early age, because parents know that every Asian husband would want his wife to be an expert in erotic massage. Its kind of a tradition that carries down from ancestors to their younger generation.

So, these are some of the most amazing things to know Asian escort girls and why they are way better than other girls. If you have never been with an Asian woman before then it’s the right time to experience something new and exciting in life.

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